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Dynamic balancing improves the efficiency of mechanical equipment

All mechanical items with moving parts, from vehicles to lathes, are prone to wear and damage when they are used frequently. Keeping them balanced is the best way to minimise these effects and to help ensure you get the most accurate results in your work. The last thing you want is to find yourself facing high repair bills and poor performance because machinery is misaligned.

Dynamic balancing can be used to balance any type of mechanical equipment. The process involves removing excess weight and ensuring it is evenly spread out. This helps to keep machinery and vehicles functioning as intended and means they will last for much longer and require less downtime for repairs. Balancing also improves efficiency.

Before you try to balance a machine it needs to be surveyed to find the source of the problem. If you rush in and start removing parts without knowing where the problem originates you could cause unintentional damage or make it worse. By surveying you can find the issue and the most efficient way to resolve it. The information will also serve you in the future because you’ll know where to start looking if issues happen again.

Dynamic balancing can be very complex and requires a great deal of care and precision. If done wrong you can make the machinery or vehicle dangerous to use and put people at risk. For peace of mind and to avoid costly damages you should hire a professional company to do the work for you. This will also free you from needing to purchase expensive equipment.

We are one of the world’s leading dynamic balancing and analysis specialists. We work with clients from many different industries, including motorsports teams and manufacturers. We have the expertise to serve and provide the best possible results. Whatever the size of the device or the volume of equipment you need checking you can rely on us.

A full analysis should be done before dynamic balancing

Vibrations in machinery and vehicles are common but need to be managed carefully to ensure they don’t cause issues. If left untreated materials will be worn away, accuracy will be affected and there is also a big impact on safety. Worn out, unbalanced equipment is increasingly likely to fail and becomes a more and more serious hazard the longer it is used without being fixed. Additionally the misalignment can cause a great deal more noise and leave people working in a much more unpleasant environment.

Vibration is inherent and cannot be removed completely from mechanical devices. Best practice measures instead seek to maximise the balancing and alignment to ensure everything is as ordered as it can be. Machines and vehicles are balanced by ensuring the weight distribution is correct, removing any additional things that cause deviation from the true axis. This ensures accuracy and resolves many of the issues caused by misalignment.

Before working on machinery you should conduct a full analysis to determine the cause of the issues. The alignment problems might be caused by something simple to fix like a worn bearing. In these cases fixing the issue is much easier. If the problem is as a result of poor weight distribution you may have to conduct full dynamic balancing to find a solution. The analysis needs to be conducted carefully because the information you gather will determine your course of action.

To get the best results it is essential that you consult a professional vibration analysis and dynamic balancing specialist. We are the largest practitioner in the UK and a leader in the global market. Our expertise is renowned and has seen us work with industrial clients and several motorsports companies. Every analysis we conduct is organised and professionally executed to guarantee accuracy. Once completed, we find the right option to determine you will get the most use out of your equipment.

As well as the analysis and balancing, we also advise clients about how best to manage and maintain their machinery and vehicles to minimise the recurrence of harmful vibrations. When managed properly you’ll get longer life cycles out of your capital and enjoy less downtime. Good management and routine maintenance also helps to keep employees safe because it keeps the chance of a dangerous fault occurring very low. With Vibration Free you can be sure your equipment is accurately balanced and will function as intended.

Offering specialised dynamic balancing and vibration analysis

Within any industry, there is a huge responsibility to maintain machinery that is in constant use. Over time, excessive vibration can have hugely detrimental effects on your machinery and vehicles. This results in the balancing and efficiency of the machinery suffering, and when problems arise it typically leads to the funding of costly repairs. This is an eventuality that companies naturally wish to avoid and to protect your machinery from the impact of vibration you need the assistance of a leading name in the sector. We are at the forefront of the dynamic balancing industry and can offer supreme and trustworthy services regarding the minimisation and management of vibration in vehicles and machinery.

Dynamic balancing is the process of diminishing the imbalances that cause vibration in rotating machinery. We cannot stress enough the importance of action when a unit begins to experience vibration, as the passing of too much time can lead to substantial reductions in quality of performance and potentially be a danger to employees. We are the specialists when it comes to dynamic balancing and we will successfully tackle the imbalance to reduce noise levels and prevent any adverse effects to the machinery.

A company such as ours needs to be equipped to deal with every demand the industry dictates. We operate as an independent consultancy company and have evolved into leading experts that are in constant high demand. Every task is within our capabilities from the smallest of components to requirements on a much larger scale. We also offer our skills and experience to the motor sports industry. This particular sector possesses considerable vulnerability regarding the negative effects of vibration as the upshot is a reduction in vehicle performance. This is an area that demands optimal performance and safety levels and our bespoke options for efficient vibration decreasing are available for all manner of clients in several motorsports mediums such as F1 and Classic Car racing.

We have a wealth of experience that relates to all aspects and disciplines of the industry. We offer support that is reliable, effective and affordable. Every customer can entrust their machinery to us and feel confident that we will successfully reduce the effects of vibration and prolong its life.

Why do I need dynamic balancing?

Balancing is the process of eliminating or correcting the effects of inertia forces acting on the components of a machine, avoiding any vibrations that may be a result of any couples. Vibrations can take away the majority of a machine’s efficiency and, over time, this can lead to a lot of damage resulting in expensive repair costs.

Machinery that is at high risk of damage from long-term vibration include generators, compressors, electric motors, turbines, pumps, high-speed tooling machines and fans so if you work with these, it’s important to have them regularly maintained. Unchecked machinery not only poses the risk of further, more expensive damage, but can even lead to catastrophic injuries.

With over 25 years of experience, Vibration Free is the first choice for dynamic balancing services in the UK and offer extensive services for all kinds of customers. Whether you work in waste management, manufacturing, motor sport or oil and gas we are able to deliver exceptional results and reliability. We’ve invested in some of the latest technology, high-tech machinery and staff training to make sure that our applications can be as wide and varied as possible, subsequently providing our customers with a service that is second to none.

If your vehicle is experiencing slight vibrations, don’t wait until it is too late; leaving a vibration could lead to bigger, more expensive problems in the future. Call us today to discuss your needs or ask us any questions you may have about dynamic balancing. You can always rely on Vibration Free for your balancing needs.

Vibration Free delivers perfect performance

If you own a vehicle, you will no doubt be aware of how important balance is. Ensuring equipment and vehicles are balanced is a key and integral part of ensuring that it works correctly and as intended. At Vibration Free we can help to provide all the help that you need to keep cars and machinery in optimal working order. We also provide the service of dynamic balancing, which ensures a complete and all encompassing balancing process takes place.

Dynamic balancing involves ensuring that all components and parts of a car or machinery are balanced with each other to deliver the perfect performance. This involves a deep rooted vibration analysis of each part to see both how it performs in itself and in conjunction with the rest of the machine. Simply undertaking balancing on each part and then assembling them all is not an effective approach to take, as the whole should be greater than the sum of its parts, not just the total of it. Dynamic balancing is how this is achieved.

The easiest way to illustrate where, when and why dynamic balancing is used is in the world of Formula One racing. Every year sees the teams involved spend months researching and refining their car design, all in order to make them faster and more efficient. When Formula One teams design part of the car which makes it more streamlined, with the intention of it giving a greater level of performance, dynamic balancing must happen to ensure this improved benefit is attained in performance. If dynamic balancing is not undertaken, the new design and parts will not perform as intended – in fact they could serve to see the overall performance deteriorate. On this note, we have been called upon several times to perform this dynamic balancing for Formula One teams.

The same principle applies to any standard car or industrial machinery. Replacing any part on it, major or minor, means that it is no longer dynamically balanced. Whereas one could get away with not doing this for a while, ultimately it would be costly. The car or machine would not be performing to optimal levels, and the performance levels will continue to deteriorate. Great levels of wear and tear damage to your car or equipment are highly likely as a consequence.

We deliver the means for you to get the maximum performance levels from your equipment. Our peerless service is the choice of Formula One and motor sport teams, as well as prominent industry leaders and classic car enthusiasts. Our team of vibration analysts and balancing engineers will ensure that your car or machinery deliver to the optimal standards the manufacturers designed them to give.