No more broken cranks!

Add Power, Reliability & performance; Reduce stress by adding the “STERLING DAMPER“; a torsional vibration absorber to your crank.

A high performance vibration absorber means lower vibrations, less crankshaft twist and increased power.

An alternative to conventional crankshaft dampers that generally dissipate vibration as heat energy.

Vibration Free were appointed by TCI Automotive in 2005 as UK sales agents for the “Rattler” to satisfy all American engine requirements. In June 2010, TCI granted Vibration Free; design and manufacturing rights to the “STERLING Rattler” for all European bespoke requirements, whether Vintage, Classic or Modern.

The Rattler® and STERLING DAMPER will add power, reliability and relieve stress from the crankshaft and driver.

They are not expensive… broken cranks are!

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