Engine Dampers


sterling-rattler-master-logo-colour-30-11-16 sideon          No more broken cranks!

Add Power, Reliability & performance; Reduce Stress

by adding the "STERLING Rattler"; a torsional vibration absorber to your crank.

A high performance vibration absorber means lower vibrations, less crankshaft twist and increased power.

The Sterling Rattler is an alternative to conventional crankshaft dampers that generally dissipate vibration as heat energy.

The Sterling Rattler Torsional Vibration Absorbers are pendulum absorbers developed to control amplitudes of vibration and angle of crankshaft twist like no other design. Their ability to absorb, rather than dampen, is the key to their success. The Sterling Rattlers are effective for the entire rpm range and they extend crankshaft and bearing life. The Rattlers also allow the engine to run more smoothly, which can potentially increase valve-train stability and life. Their design does not utilize viscous fluids and they require virtually no maintenance.  Although we cannot guarantee that you will never experience another cracked block or crankshaft again. Our track record however, has thus far proven a significant reduction in this risk,

Vibration Free Ltd design and manufacture the "STERLING Rattler" for all European bespoke requirements, whether Vintage, Classic or Modern.

They are not expensive... broken cranks are!

"Loved it!  The Engine runs very much better especially at the 5000+ rpm and if you don't watch the rev counter the sound just lets you run to whatever it wants.  Without  the Sterling Rattler it is not so pleasant to run to 6500 and more.  With the Sterling Rattler it is just smooth to the 6000 last mark on instrument and smooth as it goes past, and on, and on." Timothy Stamper, Stamper Aston Martin.

There are many models available, some of the most popular are listed here. Choose from a Sterling Rattler Pulley or for where space is a premium, the Sterling Rattler Flywheel or Clutch.

We have designs made for many popular makes and have a few items in stock but at this stage most designs need to be ordered and manufactured.

  • delivery for stock items is approx 2 days.
  • Non stock available designs take approx 3 - 5 weeks to get manufactured.
  • If you don't see your car/engine make here we can get it made for you, you'll need to send us a donor Pulley/Flywheel to get a drawing made, after your approval we will get it manufactured,  delivery for non stock, not previously designed items approx 4-8 weeks from drawing approval.  For more details please contact us.


Talbot Sterling Rattler Flywheel Torsional Vibration absorber
Ford Mustang Sterling Rattler Flywheel
Jaguar Standard Taper Bore Sterling Rattler Pulley
Porsche 911 sterling Rattler incorporated in the Clutch

Made in the UK by Vibration Free Call or Email us today to order your STERLING Rattler!