Machine Tools

Poor finish, ovality, chatter and reduced tool life can all be consequences of excessive imbalance on the tool, tool holder, spindle or drive motor.

Condition Based Maintenance

An important part of modern maintenance strategy must include, where appropriate, the effective use of condition monitoring. The choice of monitoring equipment and its operating costs can be staggering.

High Speed Electric Motors

Balancing electric motors is essential, balancing high speed electric motors needs further focus on assembly tolerances and often proof balancing of the built up housing assembly. Vibration Free proof balance to 18,000 RPM

Vibration Free is based in Oxfordshire and is easily accessible to the M40 (near junction 10) and the M1. Our workshop facility has various balancing machines that handle rotors up to 3000kg, a small machine shop and training room. Two car ramps are available for in-situ vehicle analysis.

Dynamic Table Engine Balancing

Vibration in an engine regardless of its source, is detrimental to power, performance and longevity. Vibration is wasted energy and it can be greatly reduced by balancing all the rotating and reciprocating parts to finer tolerances than traditionally found in common practice.

Large FD Fan Balancing

Vibration Free support many aspects through the design and build process. Assisting companies to reduce build costs and maximise product quality and performance.

Marine Engine and Gearbox Vibration Analysis

Vibration Free often work on site to resolve vibration issues across all industrial sectors

Shredding Machine

As components wear and cutters, blades, hammers are renewed often trim balancing is required. As with hedge cutters, toppers, shredder rotors and decanters.


Vehicle Balancing

When vehicles – in particular classic and vintage cars – begin to rattle and vibrate when used, some people are inclined to think it’s a sign of age and thus an unavoidable part of the driving experience. In the majority of instances this is not the case at all, with the vibration experienced being something that can be addressed and stopped with professional vehicle balancing. At Vibration Free, our specialist services include both providing balancing services and supplying the equipment you need to ensure you limit or eliminate vibration.

When people think of balancing in a vehicle they tend to immediately find their thoughts drawn to the wheels. The wheels on a car – in particular the wire wheels most usually found on classic, fully restored vintage cars – are commonly the most likely part of a vehicle to become misaligned, causing a generally unpleasant driving experience and making the vehicle vibrate. Our in-situ wheel balancing, which sees the wheels balances whilst they remain fitted to the vehicle in question, gives the precise and perfect wheel balancing possible, ensuring maximum efficiency from your wheels and either the significant reduction or removal of vibration as you drive.

Vehicle balancing is not, however, limited only to wheels and tyres. Engine balancing is vital to ensure the longevity and performance of a car in general, but is absolutely essential for classic and high performance, competitive sports cars. Engine balancing will significantly reduce the level of vibration in your vehicle – especially when attaining the high speeds the car was designed to do – and increase the efficiency, reliability and durability of the vehicle as a whole. A vehicle with correctly balanced wheels and balanced engine will give to you the optimal, ultimate driving experience you are looking for.

To make sure you are aware of any possible vibration and balance issues, Vibration Free supply the award winning iPad Analyser hardware and software apps. This system is both intuitive and effective in monitoring and checking your vehicle balancing requirements, providing you with the means to detect and avoid long-term problems quickly and efficiently. When used in conjunction with the hardware relevant to your vehicle and needs – in particular the celebrated AliSensor Shaft Laser and our custom designed Tachometer – you can ensure that you are giving the care, attention and full preventative protection you want to provide for your vehicle, and in return your vehicle is giving you the maximum levels of performance and pleasure possible.

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