Whether you fly models, a helicopter or run a fleet of turbo prop commercial aircraft, we can be of assistance in the application of a “vibration free” operation.

We regularly balance the compressor and turbine rotors of jet engines; the crankshaft assemblies of private piston engines and we have applied our extensive balancing expertise to the recommissioning and service exchange of Gazelle helicopter main rotor clutches. Even the competitor minded model aircraft racers use us to refine the balance of their small engines, be it electric motors or IC engines!
Several Spitfires have had their propeller nose cones balanced by us and if you are fortunate enough to fly in one you will appreciate the importance. The radical and extreme aerobatics of Richard Goodwin with his G-EWIZ Pitts Special bi-plane is all the better for having its uprated engine balanced by Vibration Free. If you get chance to catch one of his performances, I’m sure you will agree it is spectacular!

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