• Fiat 500 ~balance factor - When it comes to balancing engines of a single throw nature which includes the FIAT 500 style unit, it is not straight forward. It is not possible to dynamically balance the engine so that it does not vibrate in both the vertical and horizontal attitudes. But it is possible to… Read More
  • Anti Vibration Kit for the BMW 100XR - BMW 1000 XR Handlebar vibration is caused by engine vibration exciting the handlebar into resonance of certain rpm, It is fixed by using a damper kit sold by Vibration Free for £49.50 +P+P.+ VAT This kit is easily fitted in less than 20 mins and cures 90% of the vibration,… Read More
  • Engine Damper for the Rover K - No more broken cranks! The Sterling Rattler Rover K series crankshaft damper from Vibration Free; Absorbs more torsional vibration than its alternatives. Reduces crankshaft fatigue and increase longevity. Vibration is absorbed over entire engine rpm. More efficient over elastomeric or friction based dampers. No or little wear over entire life… Read More
  • The Sterling Rattler & SR Flywheel - Following on from the success of the TCI Rattler Vibration Free now manufacture in the UK the Sterling Rattler for use on European derived car engines No more broken cranks! Add Power, Reliability & Reduce Stress Add a Sterling Rattler Torsional Vibration absorber to your crank A high performance vibration… Read More
  • Alisensor Shaftlaser - New application, ALiSENSOR SHAFTLASER™ for use with the iPad Vibration Analyser ALiSENSOR SHAFTLASER™ is a laser based shaft alignment system utilizing the reversed method. The measurement units communicates wirelessly (Bluetooth) with an iPad or iPhone. The ALiSENSOR® SHAFTLASER™ offers the user a minimal startup time, a large and clear display,… Read More