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Vibration in an engine regardless of its source, is detrimental to power, performance and longevity. Vibration is wasted energy and it can be greatly reduced by balancing all the rotating and reciprocating parts to finer tolerances than traditionally found in common practice.

Vibration Free provide precision engine balancing services, we cater for all crankshaft configurations, and excel in group 2 type cranks e.g. V8, V6, 2cyl 5cyl and rotary engines. We believe no one else can balance these types of engines to such high tolerances.

Our customer base is extensive throughout F1, NASCAR IndyCar, Classic & Historic racing and all formulae including Karting.

Typical applications include:

  • Crankshaft balancing
  • Conrod balancing
  • Cam-shaft balancing
  • Clutch & Flywheel balancing
  • Crankshaft design
  • Driveshaft design & speed proof balancing to 14,000 rpm
  • In-situ vibration analysis ~on the car
  • Crankshaft heavy metaling
  • Short block assembly balancing ~ a more accurate way to balance "V" type engines
  • Piston match weighing to 0.1g
  • Con-rod mass centering to 0.1 g (certificated)
  • Dynomometer balancing
  • Assembly balancing of engines on or off the dyno
  • Pulleys
  • Turbo and super charger rotors
  • Propshafts; refurbish, balance and manufacture
  • Brake hubs and discs
  • Gear components
  • Sprockets & Shafts
  • Crankshaft and crank-case deflection, analysis & modal analysis
  • Consultancy support in design and troubleshooting specifications
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Vibration Free Manufacture in the UK the Sterling Damper a torsional vibration absorber.