Crankcase Deflection Paper Expo

“Utilizing crankcase deflection analysis to improve crankshaft design and engine performance.”
Paper presented at Professional MotorSport World Expo 2007 by Steve Smith of Vibration Free

The Balancing Act

“The Balancing Act” – Balance for design or design for balance? IMechE Paper written and presented by Steve Smith Vibration Free at international conference on “Vibrations in rotating machinery”
University of Nottingham September 2000

Bad Vibrations

Engine Balancing Part 1 by Steve Smith
The theory of unbalance and the factors that affect the degree of unbalance within an engine.
– “Unbalance forces use up energy”
– “The unbalance tolerance is a factor of operational speed”
– “Reciprocating elements have the potential to impart vibration”

Good Vibrations

Engine Balancing Part 2 by Steve Smith
Steve Smith explains rotor imbalance and varying levels of balancing accuracy.
“all rotors especially crankshafts have some degree of flexibility depending on their service speed”

Engine Happiness is in the balance

Classic & Sports Car
The specialist. Engine Balancing by Paul Hardiman April issue:

Practical Performance Car: Engine Balancing

“There’s probably more rubbish talked about balancing than any other aspect of engine tuning. Dave Walker visits the expert Steve Smith at vibration Free”

How it works

Car & Car Conversions:
Engine Balancing by Dave walker
“Do you know the difference between static and dynamic balancing? Do you really understand what a balance factor is?”