On Car Balancing – Balance the wheels on the car!

Car wheel and tyre balancing in-situ on the vehicle, perfect for wire wheels and vintage vehicles where large unbalanced brake drums & harsh suspensions means that all road wheel vibration is transmitted to the car, in the form of cabin noise and steering wheel shudder.Remember;

“vintage cars don’t have to vibrate”


Modern performance vehicles with wide alloy wheels and low profile tyres coupled with heavy duty sport suspensions means that wheel balancing is critical to ride comfort and noise levels.

Regular tyre shops may not achieve precision balancing of the wheel and tyre assembly due to hub centering inaccuracies on conventional wheel balancers. The answer is to trim balance the wheel tyre and drive assembly in situ on the vehicle to achieve the level of refinement required.

Price Guide for in-situ wheel balancing:

2 Wheels £168 +VAT

4 Wheels £286 +VAT