Dynamic Balancing

Our vibration analysis and dynamic balancing services can be applied throughout many industries

 CNC Machine tool,  Farming, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Motorsport (including F1, NASCAR, Indycar),  Oil & Gas Industry, Waste management,.

At Vibration Free we understand that vibration and noise levels on plant and equipment are indicative of condition. Too much vibration or noise is detrimental to quality, reliability, safety and performance.

Vibration Free, with more than 25 years practicable application knowledge, the range of machinery and rotors covered in that time is extensive and subsequently our customers and their applications are wide and varied.

Vibration Free are well placed to offer cost effective sub-contract balancing services for companies wanting to outsource their balancing.

Our Services include:

 Consultancy & Training,  Prototype balancing & design consultancy,  Vibration analysis &  Dynamic Balancing of all reciprocating parts, Contract Balancing, 

A typical day for us could be;-

  • Balancing a racing engine set for cars, bikes, planes
  • Balancing high speed spindles for CNC machine tools
  • Balancing fans, pumps, motors, turbines, rollers and machinery parts.
  • Balancing propshafts and drive shafts
  • All the above in-house or on-site
  • Vibration problem solving on all kinds of machinery, vehicles and systems
  • Designing and manufacturing new torsional vibration dampers for engines