Engine Damper for the Rover K

No more broken cranks!
The Sterling Rattler Rover K series crankshaft damper from Vibration Free;

  • Absorbs more torsional vibration than its alternatives.
  • Reduces crankshaft fatigue and increase longevity.
  • Vibration is absorbed over entire engine rpm.
  • More efficient over elastomeric or friction based dampers.
  • No or little wear over entire life of engine.
  • No maintenance. Solid hub, so timing marks more accurate.
  • In many engines produces power gains as spark scatter reduced.
  • A British product made from EN24T, fully nitride hardened and “bullet proof”.

Vibration Free also make the Damper pulley and the camshaft gear sprocket, which gives a better register onto the nose of the crankshaft.

For more information see www.sterlingRattler.co.uk

Retail Prices: £550 Sterling Rattler Rover K Pulley

£200 Camshaft gear sprocket