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Fiat 500 ~balance factor

When it comes to balancing engines of a single throw nature which includes the FIAT 500 style unit, it is not straight forward. It is not possible to dynamically balance the engine so that it does not vibrate in both the vertical and horizontal attitudes. But it is possible to have a satisfactory result by finding the best compromise between vertical and horizontal shaking !

As the engine of the FIAT has the cylinders in the vertical axis and it is mounted on engine mounts that are relatively soft in the vertical direction, it will tolerate some vertical shaking throughout the rev range, but getting the tolerance right is all a matter of “Balance Factor”.

When the crankshaft rotates it has two big ends of the two con-rods always attached to the big end journals, so of course it will always see this corresponding weight. However, when the pistons are at TDC or BDC, the amount of weight transfer of the reciprocating parts to the crankshaft big ends is changing between a maximum and minimum amount. What proportion of this variable you choose to use is the “Balance Factor” !!

So the FIAT factory, worked this out and it is a closely held secret by them and by all balancing shops providing a service. Even if you know what the original factory value was for standard parts, when you change to after market parts of different weights and dimensions, it’s all change.

Vibration Free have a different method available as well as the original methods. That is to run the crankshaft in the crankcase while it is attached to the con rods and pistons while it is sat on a special balancing machine stand. In this way the crankshaft actually measures the weight transfer directly from the con rods and pistons, instead of it being a calculated weight transfer.

Vibration Free have being established for 20 years to date and don’t just work with Motorsport (F1, Historic, Vintage, Indycar...)  but aerospace / MOD / Marine / Oil & Gas, in fact, any sector.

Fiat 500

Fiat 500 Engine

Fiat 500 Balance Factor

Anti Vibration Kit for the BMW 100XR

BMW 1000 XR anti-vibration Kit

BMW 1000 XR Handlebar vibration is caused by engine vibration exciting the handlebar into resonance of certain rpm, It is fixed by using a damper kit sold by Vibration Free for £49.50 +P+P.+ VAT

This kit is easily fitted in less than 20 mins and cures 90% of the vibration, felt by damping out the resonant response felt of the handlebar grips.

Call Vibration Free for details: 01869 345535

Engine Damper for the Rover K

No more broken cranks!
The Sterling Rattler Rover K series crankshaft damper from Vibration Free;

  • Absorbs more torsional vibration than its alternatives.
  • Reduces crankshaft fatigue and increase longevity.
  • Vibration is absorbed over entire engine rpm.
  • More efficient over elastomeric or friction based dampers.
  • No or little wear over entire life of engine.
  • Solid hub, so timing marks more accurate.
  • In many engines produces power gains as spark scatter reduced.
  • A British product made from EN24T.

Vibration Free also make the Damper pulley and the camshaft gear sprocket, which gives a better register onto the nose of the crankshaft.

For more information see:  Sterling Dampers

Retail Prices: £580 Sterling Rattler Rover K Pulley Damper

£206 Camshaft gear sprocket

No more broken cranks!

                                                    …what can we do for you?

The Sterling Rattler & SR Flywheel

Following on from the success of the TCI Rattler Vibration Free now manufacture in the UK the Sterling Rattler for use on European derived car engines
No more broken cranks!

Add Power, Reliability & Reduce Stress

Add a Sterling Rattler Torsional Vibration absorber to your crank

A high performance vibration absorber means lower vibrations, less crankshaft twist and increased power.

An alternative to crankshaft dampers that only dissipate vibration as heat

We have Sterling Rattlers available for the following engines:

Aston Martin, Jaguar, Subaru, Ford Cosworth, Mini, MGB, Healey, Rover V8, TR6 and many more

The Sterling Rattler Flywheel

Incorporating the rolling-puck technology into the flywheel, The Sterling Rattler Flywheels are also available for many engines including; AC 6cyl, Rover Maserati 8cyl, V8,Nissan V6 370Z, Ford Model A and many more… all manufactured in the UK

Call us now for more information 01869 345535

Alisensor Shaftlaser

New application, ALiSENSOR SHAFTLASER™ for use with the iPad Vibration Analyser

ALiSENSOR SHAFTLASER™ is a laser based shaft alignment system utilizing the reversed method. The measurement
units communicates wirelessly (Bluetooth) with an iPad or iPhone. The ALiSENSOR® SHAFTLASER™ offers the user a minimal startup time, a large and clear display, functions like camera, e-mail och internet connection. This makes the system accurate, reliable and easy to use.

The ALiSENSOR® SHAFTLASER™ features an easy to use shaft alignment interface – in a 3D environment with live alignment diagrams and graduated tolerance control to display both acceptable and excellent tolerances. VibePro directly integrates with the Shaft Alignment app for an even better predictive maintenance system

Apps for AliSENSOR SHAFTLASER are available for free on App Store.

For more information call us on 01869 345535