The Sterling Rattler & SR Flywheel

Following on from the success of the TCI Rattler Vibration Free now manufacture in the UK the Sterling Rattler for use on European derived car engines
No more broken cranks!

Add Power, Reliability & Reduce Stress

Add a Sterling Rattler Torsional Vibration absorber to your crank

A high performance vibration absorber means lower vibrations, less crankshaft twist and increased power.

An alternative to crankshaft dampers that only dissipate vibration as heat

We have Sterling Rattlers available for the following engines:

Aston Martin, Jaguar, Subaru, Ford Cosworth, Mini, MGB, Healey, Rover V8, TR6 and many more

The Sterling Rattler Flywheel

Incorporating the rolling-puck technology into the flywheel, The Sterling Rattler Flywheels are also available for many engines including; AC 6cyl, Rover Maserati 8cyl, V8,Nissan V6 370Z, Ford Model A and many more… all manufactured in the UK

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