Improving safety in motor racing

Motor racing is undoubtedly a thrilling sport. It requires an immense amount of skill from drivers and teams of engineers to ensure the vehicles offer optimum performance. When vehicular issues occur, it can have substantial effects on the outcome of a race and also present potential danger to the drivers. Vehicles are complex systems, and they require skilled maintenance throughout races. However, one essential aspect of vehicular safety before the cars even venture onto the track is wheel alignment.

Cars are vulnerable to the effects of wheel vibration. When vibration occurs, it can dramatically affect tyre performance and reduce lifespan. There are many signs that indicate a need for wheel alignment, including failure of the steering wheel to return after turning along with remaining at an angle when driving the car in a straight line. Vibration can also have a negative impact on the car’s suspension in the long term. When steering becomes affected, it is crucial to rectify the imbalance as soon as possible.

Incorrect wheel alignment can also be determined by the condition of tyres. The inner or outer layer will appear feathered and worn, indicating that the alignment has been disturbed. If tyres are permitted to deteriorate, they become unsafe, and you will also have the expense of frequent replacement. By implementing timely and efficient balancing you can avoid unnecessary costs and risk. The value of maintaining the condition of motor racing cars can never be exaggerated, and we offer dynamic balancing to help you achieve this.

We are renowned throughout the industry and we work extensively with various areas of the motorsports sector. We strive to help all our clients with the reduction of vibration and unwanted noise in their vehicles and machinery. Our priorities are always the improvement of each vehicle and the enhancement of safety, accuracy and reliability. We set high standards for ourselves and we commit ourselves to offering cost-efficient services with no compromise on quality. Our dynamic balancing services are regularly used by a varied range of industries and clients, so call our team and discover how you can benefit from our full range of services.