Machine Tools

Poor finish, ovality, chatter and reduced tool life can all be consequences of excessive imbalance on the tool, tool holder, spindle or drive motor.

Condition Based Maintenance

An important part of modern maintenance strategy must include, where appropriate, the effective use of condition monitoring. The choice of monitoring equipment and its operating costs can be staggering.

High Speed Electric Motors

Balancing electric motors is essential, balancing high speed electric motors needs further focus on assembly tolerances and often proof balancing of the built up housing assembly. Vibration Free proof balance to 18,000 RPM

Vibration Free is based in Oxfordshire and is easily accessible to the M40 (near junction 10) and the M1. Our workshop facility has various balancing machines that handle rotors up to 3000kg, a small machine shop and training room. Two car ramps are available for in-situ vehicle analysis.

Dynamic Table Engine Balancing

Vibration in an engine regardless of its source, is detrimental to power, performance and longevity. Vibration is wasted energy and it can be greatly reduced by balancing all the rotating and reciprocating parts to finer tolerances than traditionally found in common practice.

Large FD Fan Balancing

Vibration Free support many aspects through the design and build process. Assisting companies to reduce build costs and maximise product quality and performance.

Marine Engine and Gearbox Vibration Analysis

Vibration Free often work on site to resolve vibration issues across all industrial sectors

Shredding Machine

As components wear and cutters, blades, hammers are renewed often trim balancing is required. As with hedge cutters, toppers, shredder rotors and decanters.


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Oppose rather than absorb

The power strokes of an engine put a pulsing pressure on the crankshaft. Each stroke exerts a torsion force, which causing deflections in the crankshaft webs with an equal rebound. This can result in fatigue and cracking, ultimately leading to a failure and an expensive repair. To solve the problem manufacturers generally fit a harmonic damper. The damper dissipates the energy of the vibration and helps to protect the crankshaft.

Long term benefits of vibration analysis

As our name indicates, the ultimate aim of our work is to ensure that machinery and cars can operate free from excessive vibration. Any form of vibration is a sign that equipment is not working as it was intended to, particularly if it is so strong that it generates a noise. In order to ensure that your machinery delivers longevity and optimal performance, it is vital that we learn all that we possibly can about what is causing the increased vibration to determine the problem. This important information is drawn from our initial vibration analysis work. “Vibration is the key to mechanical condition”

Ensuring you comply with workplace noise regulations

Noise levels in the workplace have come under closer scrutiny and tighter regulations in recent years. In many industries, employees were once expected to just put up with loud working environments, but this is thankfully not the case any more. Noise levels should be calculated as likely to damage the hearing of workers or those in close proximity to the premises, your company may be breaking UK and EU regulations, which means you have an increased likelihood of facing legal action and may be liable for punitive damages.

An innovative solution for crankshaft vibrations

Torsional vibrations in crankshafts can cause problems in any vehicle. In family cars, the vibration can be felt in the seats and may also create noise, resulting in discomfort. The issue can be even more problematic in sports and race cars because of the powerful engine strokes and high speeds they can reach. Too much vibration can result in wear and tear on the crankshaft, bearings and engine block, as well as decreased engine performance.