Long term benefits of vibration analysis

As our name indicates, the ultimate aim of our work is to ensure that machinery and cars can operate free from excessive vibration. Any form of vibration is a sign that equipment is not working as it was intended to, particularly if it is so strong that it generates a noise. In order to ensure that your machinery delivers longevity and optimal performance, it is vital that we learn all that we possibly can about what is causing the increased vibration to determine the problem. This important information is drawn from our initial vibration analysis work. “Vibration is the key to mechanical condition”

Vibration analysis is the best starting point for any work intended to reduce vibrations in machinery, but it also delivers wider benefits. In addition to helping us understand what is causing the vibration and how to stop it, our analysis contributes directly to condition monitoring and allows us to create a maintenance strategy to be implemented going forward.

In most cases, we find that vibration in machinery is at an acceptable level but can often be improved. As equipment and plant wear, the vibration increases to a point where it is damaging to the life and possibly the performance of the plant. Reductions in efficiency is costly, so the use of a vibration analysis survey will pin point the focus for corrective measures in a timely basis to prevent failures, risk an further costly downtime.