Make sure you have a proactive maintenance plan

Condition monitoring should be an essential part of maintenance plans for vehicles and machine tools with rotating parts. It can offer a wide range of benefits, helping to reduce downtime and minimise the cost of repairs. Each plan should be bespoke to suit the vehicle or piece of machinery in question, the frequency it is used and the specific applications.

You can use condition monitoring to keep an eye on valuable assets and reduce the wear and tear they experience. It can help you to spot signs of vibrations and imbalance early, so you can take corrective action before the problem worsens. This can be useful in many cases including when it comes to damage to bearings. Frequent checks can spot problems that can be resolved easily such as a lack of lubrication. If there was no regular monitoring, you may miss the issue and eventually cause the bearing to fail.

Proactive maintenance such as condition monitoring is better than waiting for problems to arise and then reacting to them once they have taken hold, both in terms of efficiency and the costs. It also offers safety benefits because well maintained and serviced vehicles and machinery are less likely to experience critical failures.

If you are planning on introducing a maintenance plan that includes monitoring, it is important to be aware of the different equipment that can be used to do it. There are a range of options to choose from so you can make a selection that best suits your needs. Developments in tablet technology and software have made them a useful tool for this purpose. They are flexible, can handle an array of tasks and also offer cost benefits in many cases.

At Vibration Free we can offer monitoring services and dynamic balancing for clients in a range of industries, from manufacturing to motorsport. We know how important it is to be proactive with maintenance and ensure equipment and vehicles are monitored properly. We can offer flexible services for clients who want an experienced professional to handle the task for them. If you would like further advice we are well placed to offer it.