Hi Steve,

Just a quick message to thank you for you relentless help on resolving our issues on the VK45 project we inherited from MCT.

On your advice on moving away from the 4 weighted (less than 20% counterweighted crank) we went to a fully 50% counterweighted (8 weighted) design that produced a ‘night and day’ difference to the reliability of ancillaries given the now lack of lateral vibrations, alongside a clear 30 hp increase throughout the useable rev range from 535-540 hp originally and now producing a silky 565hp. I guess predominantly down to the reduction in losses to heating the oil and generation of vibration. We were all pleasantly surprised to see this repeat itself through the following 5 engines and then back itself up on a test we did on an early spec 4-weighted crank on the bench dyno that immediately revisited the lower original torque curve.

Again …many thanks for your / Vibration Free’s advice and time along the way!

Kind regards,