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Secrets of Speed Society

Just a note to say how thrilled I am with my "Rattler" Flywheel on my Model A Speedster.
I'm impressed by the smoothness of the engine and so are those who who witness its performance and gentle idle.
The machine work is extremely precise and actually quite attractive. . . As I would expect from our British cousins.
The heat treating should make the integral gear-ring last forever.
I recommend this major improvement to prevent crankshaft damage and impressive smoothness and my talks and in Secrets Magazine.
I can actually put a full cup of coffee on the hood and it will not splash or wash over the side . . impressive from any point of view.

Best wishes with Four-Titude!

Charlie Yapp, President/Editor

Secrets Of Speed Society


Hi Steve,

Just a quick message to thank you for you relentless help on resolving our issues on the VK45 project we inherited from MCT.

On your advice on moving away from the 4 weighted (less than 20% counterweighted crank) we went to a fully 50% counterweighted (8 weighted) design that produced a ‘night and day’ difference to the reliability of ancillaries given the now lack of lateral vibrations, alongside a clear 30 hp increase throughout the useable rev range from 535-540 hp originally and now producing a silky 565hp. I guess predominantly down to the reduction in losses to heating the oil and generation of vibration. We were all pleasantly surprised to see this repeat itself through the following 5 engines and then back itself up on a test we did on an early spec 4-weighted crank on the bench dyno that immediately revisited the lower original torque curve.

Again …many thanks for your / Vibration Free’s advice and time along the way!

Kind regards,


Rob Beebee Frazer Nash Owner

My Frazer Nash has been totally transformed by the efforts of Steve ’vibrator’ Smith of Vibration Free. How I wish I had been to see him 19 years ago when I took delivery of my Frazer Nash TT Replica. He has in the space of 24 hours turned it into a silky smooth touring car from a rough beast. He has balanced all the drive sprockets, prop shaft and clutch. The car is quite remarkably different. Unrecognisable in fact. On the race track I can now pull an extra 400 RPM since it is so smooth. So a very big thank you to Steve and Alan. Get yourself down there if you can.

Best regards,



SEM have been working with Vibration Free over the last 6 months to help us develop both our motor design and our production methods with the aim of lowering vibration levels on our motors.

Steve’s vast knowledge and experience has been impressive. This knowledge combined with his ability to articulate the core concepts in a clear, concise and understandable manner to staff at all levels has been highly valuable. The transfer of his knowledge and understanding to our staff has accelerated our learning and will allow us to improve our motors considerably in the future. We would highly recommend him to any company interested in reducing or investigating vibration levels.

Fiona Blyth – Manufacturing Manager

Tim Walker

Tim Walker Restorations Ltd

Steve “Just a quick thank you for the excellent balancing work on our 1955 Ford Thunderbird. The engine is much smoother as a result. We will be asking you to balance all our veteran, vintage and classic engines in the future and have no hesitation in recommending your very professional services to others.”

yours sincerely

Guy. J. Tilden Walker Director


“Steve, I just wanted to give you some feedback on the engine which you were kind enough to squeeze in at short notice for me a couple of months back. It is all back in the car and has been run in (circa 1,200 miles to date) and I am absolutely delighted with it. The combination of the lightened flywheel and clutch, more powerful cams and direct to head throttle bodies with the work you did on the crank and reciprocating parts is stunning. Although limited to 5,000 rpm during the running in, the responsiveness of the engine is superb and it is incredibly smooth and apparently effortless. Having previously shattered two alternators, it seems just from the vibrations of the engine, the difference in feel has to be experienced to be believed!!”

Simon Erland built the engine which Steve at Vibration Free balanced. A number of components were being used for the first time on a K series engine including Simon’s (own design) light weight flywheel and the first use of a light weight SuperClutch on a K Series Rover engine. Steve balanced all the reciprocating parts (pistons, rods, crank, flywheel and clutch) which, combined with the significant reduction in weight which Simon achieved, has produced a very smooth, free revving and responsive engine. Whilst the gains in power and responsiveness of the engine were significant objectives, the reduction in stress on the engine was as great a priority. We believe that this comprehensive approach to engine building can provide years of reliable road and track use without frequent rebuilds.

Panoz Esperante GTLM

Vibration Free picking up “good vibrations” at Le Mans recently

Just days before the start of the 24 hour endurance race the, Panoz team called upon the services of UK business Vibration Free who specialise in Dynamic Balancing of high performance cars. Prior to Le Mans, the team had not experienced the sustained top speeds unique to the famed French endurance circuit. The problem was traced to propshaft vibration. Vibration Free were able to provide the best propshaft balancing solution possible in time for the race.

Following Le Mans, Vibration Free were awarded the job of re-design and manufacture of new propshafts ready for the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) season.

Rob Taylor, Panoz team engineer says;

” We are delighted with the Vibration Free designed propshafts;they work well on the cars, we finished in 7th place at Le Mans. We look forward to working with Vibration Free in the future

Steve Butts

Another well Balanced Winner!

Steve Butts; Twice winner of the Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship 2004 & 2005

After driving an Elise which had an engine fitted which was balanced by Steve at Vibration Free, I knew I wanted my next engine to be balanced by him. It was easily the smoothest Elise I’d ever driven! I met Steve at the AutoSport Show and he went to great lengths to explain the principles and benefits of engine balancing to me in layman terms. -even though I was already sold on a balancing job Steve went on to explain the research he’d completed on the undersized counter balance weights used in the Rover K series crankshaft and the resulting imbalance, bending movement and increased loading on the main bearing next to the flywheel, that would result from high revving of the engine.

When I built my next engine I decided to go for not only the full balance, but also the heavy metal insertion of the cranks counter balance weights such that they correctly counter balanced the rods & pistons. Te resulting 1.8 engine was even smoother than my original Elise engine that Steve had previously balanced. It went on to break the Emerald rolling road record for power and torque for a transverse 1.8K series install. 10,000 miles later the engine was still making the same power and had done so with complete reliability; a direct result of the balancing work! I used this engine to win the Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship in 2004. .

For the following season I decided to increase the capacity of the engine to 1.9 and retained the investment in the balanced components, Steve matched the new pistons to the rest of the engine.

The result was another ultra smooth engine that again broke the record for a 1.9K series installation at the Emerald rolling road and is still making the same power as when first mapped, again a testament to the balancing work.

I was able to retain the Hillclimb Championship in 2005 and hope to do so in 2006. I wouldn’t get my balancing work done anywhere else, many thanks to Steve for his work.


Charles Gillett

Current front running Meadows engined Frazer Nash. 2005 & 2006 winner of the Pomeroy Trophy, the Geoghan, and Melville Trophies plus numerous class wins at circuits and hillclimbs:

“Good balancing has made all the difference to the reliability and longevity of my Meadows engined Frazer Nash.

Vibration Free are pleased to assist the “Motor Racing Legend” Charles Gillett with all his balancing requirements

Twice winner of the VSCC Pomeroy Trophy 2005 & 2006

Yet again, the “early season” race the Pomeroy Trophy was held at Silverstone on a cold and blustery Saturday 25th February

After last years outstanding win in his 1935 Meadows engined Frazer-Nash, Charles Gillett lined up with no less than 6 Frazer Nash’s eager to prove their worth.

Little did they know Charles had been “fettling” over winter months, this time he had a secret weapon up his sleeve..

Tungsten balanced (by vibration Free) ALFIN front brake drums!!

Shock absorbers could be left to act like shock absorbers, drivers nerves could be left to racing focus.

Congratulations are in order for a second consecutive year win Mr Gillett!