Steve Butts

Another well Balanced Winner!

Steve Butts; Twice winner of the Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship 2004 & 2005

After driving an Elise which had an engine fitted which was balanced by Steve at Vibration Free, I knew I wanted my next engine to be balanced by him. It was easily the smoothest Elise I’d ever driven! I met Steve at the AutoSport Show and he went to great lengths to explain the principles and benefits of engine balancing to me in layman terms. -even though I was already sold on a balancing job Steve went on to explain the research he’d completed on the undersized counter balance weights used in the Rover K series crankshaft and the resulting imbalance, bending movement and increased loading on the main bearing next to the flywheel, that would result from high revving of the engine.

When I built my next engine I decided to go for not only the full balance, but also the heavy metal insertion of the cranks counter balance weights such that they correctly counter balanced the rods & pistons. Te resulting 1.8 engine was even smoother than my original Elise engine that Steve had previously balanced. It went on to break the Emerald rolling road record for power and torque for a transverse 1.8K series install. 10,000 miles later the engine was still making the same power and had done so with complete reliability; a direct result of the balancing work! I used this engine to win the Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship in 2004. .

For the following season I decided to increase the capacity of the engine to 1.9 and retained the investment in the balanced components, Steve matched the new pistons to the rest of the engine.

The result was another ultra smooth engine that again broke the record for a 1.9K series installation at the Emerald rolling road and is still making the same power as when first mapped, again a testament to the balancing work.

I was able to retain the Hillclimb Championship in 2005 and hope to do so in 2006. I wouldn’t get my balancing work done anywhere else, many thanks to Steve for his work.