Improving the quality and operation of your machinery

Many industries that use heavy machinery are at risk of the equipment becoming damaged over time. Even if machines are kept in top condition, there is still the possibility of damage and wear coming from excessive vibrations. These vibrations can be just as damaging to your machinery as outright blunt force or other causes of physical damage. In order to minimise the damage caused by excessive vibrations as much as possible, we offer a fully comprehensive dynamic balancing service.

Vibrations may not seem like much, but they are capable of damaging a machine in the long term. As they can affect the balance of the machine and shift components out of their proper place, they can have major effects on the overall operation of the machinery, meaning that results produced will eventually be inaccurate and poor. Over enough time, long term vibration damage becomes a real risk. From generators to tooling machines, excessive vibrations can seriously damage the internal components. Vehicles are also at risk of vibration damage, particularly in motorsports where the vehicles are constantly subjected to stress and high speeds. In these cases, any damage to the mechanical components of the vehicle can be downright catastrophic for all involved. It is because of this that our team offer comprehensive dynamic balancing services, specialising in the motorsport industry.

We provide expertise in managing excessive vibrations and noise for many different types of machinery. With twenty five years of practicable application knowledge, we can provide a service that is unbeatable. In doing so, we can extend the lifespan of your machinery and ensure that they are operating at their optimal condition. The motorsports industry is one of our specialist areas of knowledge. We provide engine balancing services that cater to all crankshaft configurations, particularly group 2 type cranks. We have provided our services to customers operating in motorsports such as F1 and NASCAR, so you can be completely assured of our expertise in this area.

We are considered to be one of the leading authorities in dynamic balancing and managing and minimising vibrations in machinery and vehicles. As an independent consultancy company, we are here to provide the best possible services to our customers. We strive to resolve a wide array of important vibration issues, and are able to provide a fully comprehensive service to our customers to minimise vibration and noise levels within their machines.