Vibration Free delivers perfect performance

If you own a vehicle, you will no doubt be aware of how important balance is. Ensuring equipment and vehicles are balanced is a key and integral part of ensuring that it works correctly and as intended. At Vibration Free we can help to provide all the help that you need to keep cars and machinery in optimal working order. We also provide the service of dynamic balancing, which ensures a complete and all encompassing balancing process takes place.

Dynamic balancing involves ensuring that all components and parts of a car or machinery are balanced with each other to deliver the perfect performance. This involves a deep rooted vibration analysis of each part to see both how it performs in itself and in conjunction with the rest of the machine. Simply undertaking balancing on each part and then assembling them all is not an effective approach to take, as the whole should be greater than the sum of its parts, not just the total of it. Dynamic balancing is how this is achieved.

The easiest way to illustrate where, when and why dynamic balancing is used is in the world of Formula One racing. Every year sees the teams involved spend months researching and refining their car design, all in order to make them faster and more efficient. When Formula One teams design part of the car which makes it more streamlined, with the intention of it giving a greater level of performance, dynamic balancing must happen to ensure this improved benefit is attained in performance. If dynamic balancing is not undertaken, the new design and parts will not perform as intended – in fact they could serve to see the overall performance deteriorate. On this note, we have been called upon several times to perform this dynamic balancing for Formula One teams.

The same principle applies to any standard car or industrial machinery. Replacing any part on it, major or minor, means that it is no longer dynamically balanced. Whereas one could get away with not doing this for a while, ultimately it would be costly. The car or machine would not be performing to optimal levels, and the performance levels will continue to deteriorate. Great levels of wear and tear damage to your car or equipment are highly likely as a consequence.

We deliver the means for you to get the maximum performance levels from your equipment. Our peerless service is the choice of Formula One and motor sport teams, as well as prominent industry leaders and classic car enthusiasts. Our team of vibration analysts and balancing engineers will ensure that your car or machinery deliver to the optimal standards the manufacturers designed them to give.