What is the purpose of vibration analysis?

Vibration analysis is used to detect the early signs of machine failure, allowing the equipment to be repaired and maintained before a more expensive failure occurs further down the line. All equipment that rotates will vibrate to some degree. As time goes on, components and bearings can wear down due to the vibration, and begin to approach the end of their product life. When this happens, they start to vibrate more dramatically which may lead to a breakdown. If you regularly analyse your equipment and check for signs of damage before it’s too late, you could potentially save yourself thousands of pounds.

A lot of different machines are at risk of damage from long-term vibrations, including generators, compressors, fans, high speed tooling machines and electric motors, to name a few. It is especially important to regularly test vehicles, as any failure could result in potentially dangerous or even fatal accidents.

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in dynamic balancing and vibration analysis. Established in 1998, we have nearly two decades of experience within the industry. When testing your equipment, you need to know that the work is being carried out by experienced professionals who make use of the very latest and most effective technology. Our affordable analysis and dynamic balancing services will save you money by preserving the health and lifespan of your equipment.

We regularly provide vibration analysis and dynamic balancing to a range of different industries, including the motor sport industry, manufacturing, and the waste management sector, which shows just how widespread a problem vibration can be. If you use equipment in your business which could be at risk of vibration damage, you can benefit from our cost effective services. If you would like to know more about our vibration analysis service or any of our other offerings, please get in touch.