Improving engine performance and efficiency

Properly balanced engines will function more efficiently than those that are not. Imbalances can occur for several reasons including mechanical, rotational, fluid and drag problems. It can be difficult to diagnose the issue and resolve it. A full range of diagnostics and analyses will usually be needed to gain a clear picture. These should be done by an experienced specialist who knows what to look for. Any balancing should also be carried out by professionals to avoid damaging the engine.

Dynamic balancing is commonly used on engines to help ensure that rotational parts can move efficiently without causing excessive levels of vibration. The vibrations can cause many issues for engines, including causing high levels of wear, generating more heat and producing more noise. They are also wasted energy that could be better used in other areas. The balancing helps to protect parts from wear and improves the performance of the engine too.

We offer a flexible service to analyse and balance parts in all kinds of engines, from small to large scale ones. We have an experienced team and strive to resolve all kinds of imbalances, regardless of their cause. It is our goal to leave engines finely balanced, increasing the tolerance so rotating and reciprocal parts produce as few vibrations as possible.

Our team are able to examine engines for all kinds of problems including the alignment of moving parts, electrical sources of vibrations, loose parts and belt failure. We will also examine bearings and lubricant to make sure everything is correct. After assessing the engine we can determine what course of action to take and how to improve the efficiency, performance and the longevity of the engine too.

If you have noticed any issues with the performance of an engine or detect higher noise levels, you should get it examined to determine the cause of the problem. The longer you leave it the more potential there is for an issue that could result in extensive damages. Contact Vibration Free today to arrange analysis and dynamic balancing services.