Precision balancing for rotary machinery

High speed electric motors rotate at an amazing rate, with the fastest products on the market hitting an incredible 1 million RPM. They are used in all kinds of vehicles and machinery. Rotating parts have two major obstacles to overcome; controlling the centrifugal force and accounting for rotordynamic vibrations. Both of these things can lead to higher wear on the device as well as increased background noise and heat.

The leading cause of these problems is weight imbalance. When there is more weight on one side of the rotor it causes an asymmetrical rotation, resulting in vibrations and excess wear. Treating the problem is challenging as every part in the device will need to be properly balanced. To do this they could require weight be added or removed to improve the distribution.

The best way to control centrifugal force and rotordynamic vibrations is to manufacture all of the parts precisely before assembling them. At all times balance and weight distribution should be accounted for. This means that the rotor will be properly balanced to begin with. Even with this imbalances can develop over time due to wear on parts. To avoid this becoming problematic you should have a full maintenance plan in place to monitor the performance of the motor. Worn parts should be replaced sooner rather than later to prevent other aspects of the device getting damaged.

At Vibration Free we have worked on all kinds of high speed electric rotors, handling machinery up to 3000kg in weight at our facility and even larger ones at our customer’s sites. Our experienced team provide analysis and dynamic balancing, ensuring all rotary equipment is properly checked, balanced and ready to perform smoothly and accurately.

The most difficult aspect of balancing a rotor is adding or removing weight without affecting the function of device. Both need to be done with absolute precision, especially if the part is being remanufactured. We are skilled at all aspects of dynamic balancing and will ensure it is done to the highest standard.