Optimising our work with our iPad vibration analyser

Though they may not seem important, vibrations can have a hugely detrimental effect on machinery over time, affecting the balance. This leads to troubles in operation, poor quality work and damage to the machinery itself. This can lead to expensive repairs or replacements being required and can put the machine operators at incredible risk, particularly in high speed vehicles where this damage can result in catastrophic failures of the relevant equipment.

For these reasons, dynamic balancing is essential, and that means measuring the vibrations in order to find out how you can minimise them. We have developed an extensive predictive maintenance system based around the iPad to assist with this task.

Our iPad vibration analyser system contains everything you need to transform an iPad into a vibration analyser and balancer. In terms of hardware, we supply the iPad mini or iPad Air to you, alongside a custom 2-channel DAQ box, assembled by qualified technicians and calibrated to the iPad and a supplied accelerometer. The accelerometer comes with a magnetic base to ensure that there is minimal interference with the vibration data, allowing you to receive extremely accurate results. A custom tachometer is also included with a two plane balancing system to allow optimised readings.

This hardware is designed to work with the software we have available for our customers in the form of apps, freely available for download on the iTunes App Store. These include VibePro, a vibration analyser which can be connected to a microphone or other industrial sound detector to acquire audio signals and which works well alongside the accelerometer and DAQ box supplied. VibeTrend allows for the monitoring of RMS vibration amplitude levels, whilst iRotorBalancer is used for balancing rotating machinery in single plane and two planes.

Other apps include VibeRMS, a vibration RMS meter; BalanceVision, used for machine rotor balancing using the camera feature to allow for the location of the angular location where the trial and correction weights need to be mounted in the rotor; VibeSpectra, a reference guide for maintenance of rotating machinery and iAlignCalc for calculating machine shaft alignment corrections accurately. There are many other apps available, all designed to optimise balancing and reduce vibrations in machinery.

Through the minimisation of vibrations and correctly balancing your equipment, the overall reliability, safety and performance of the machinery or vehicle can be significantly improved. We can supply this iPad vibration analyser to a number of industries, from machine tooling to motorsports, ensuring that all vibrations are minimised as much as possible. If you require further information, contact our team today and we will advise you on how our vibration analyser can help.