Providing industrial fan balancing

Forced Draft (FD) fans are designed to produce positive pressure within a system by sucking air into it. They are most commonly used on industrial boilers to provide combustion air and help to boost the efficiency of the system. This kind of fan can help a smaller boiler produce much more heat by boosting the transfer rate. This has the potential to reduce the operating costs.

Although they are most often seen as part of boiler systems, FD fans are utilised in a number of other applications too, including dust extraction and ventilation. They are used in a wide array of different industries and can regulate air flow very efficiently.

The drawback of FD fans is they can be particularly noisy when in operation. The noise is generated due to vibrations in the fan and the other components in the system. Over time this can worsen as parts get worn and the balance drifts further out of alignment. The noise can present a number of problems and may mean an acoustic enclosure is required to help improve soundproofing.

If you want to minimise the vibrations and the noise they create, you can get the fan professionally balanced. This will help to improve the alignment and ensure it rotates as close to the central axis as possible. Dynamic balancing offers several benefits, including helping to reduce vibrations and the amount of wear and tear the components in the system will be exposed to.

At Vibration Free we have a great deal of experience with FD fans. We can assist companies with system designs, builds and maintenance, ensuring each client receives the best level of service every time. We have worked with a wide array of fans, including both large and small ones, and seen them utilised in many different ways. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a consultation please get in touch.