Misalignment causes higher levels of wear

Dynamic balancing is used to resolve alignment issues in machinery and get rid of excessive vibrations that will reduce the lifespan of the equipment. The process can be complex depending on the context, but it is important to balance machines if you want to maintain accuracy and keep wear within acceptable parameters. The first thing to do is examine each device individually to determine the cause of the misalignment and the degree of the issue. You can then set about resolving the problem by adding or removing weight as required.

Misaligned devices are usually easy to find because they will make a lot more noise than usual as parts grind together. Alongside the sound you may also find that equipment is starting to get hot much quicker because of the friction caused as a result. With machines used for manufacturing you may notice a drop in the accuracy of products as a result of the misalignment and vibrations.

Machinery thought to be poorly balanced should be turned down while it is diagnosed to find the source of the problem and correct it. This will result in downtime but it is more important that you do so to avoid putting the device and the safety of users at risk. The length of time you are without the machinery while it is tested and aligned will be much less than what you’d experience by having to have it repaired when it breaks. The cost will also be lower because you will save on parts.

All types of machinery can be balanced whether it is large scale lathes or sports cars. We work with clients from a variety of sectors based all around the world, offering a full range of analysis and dynamic balancing services. If you’re worried about the condition and safety of mechanical equipment you can call on us any time for help and support. With over 25 years of experience, we are a company you can rely on. We look very carefully at every mechanical item we are asked to examines to make sure it is safe to use and as close to perfectly balanced as possible.