Vehicle balancing is important for safety and performance

Moving mechanical parts naturally vibrate slightly as a result of the motion. Over time the vibrations will cause wear, and you’ll be faced with needing to replace components. If parts become misaligned the vibrating can get much worse and cause excessive noise, heat and wear. This means you’ll be faced with more downtime for equipment as parts will need to be changed more frequently. You may also reduce the long term life of the device in question if you leave the vibrations untreated.

With vehicles you need to be even more careful when managing the alignment of mechanical parts and the amount they vibrate. This is even more important with sports cars that can travel at very high speeds because the vibration will increase as the vehicle travels faster. With time it increases the risk of mechanical failures which in turn boosts the potential for a serious accident.

Detecting excessive vibrations, finding the cause of the fault and resolving it can be difficult with vehicles because there are a number of moving parts. To diagnose the vehicle effectively you will probably need to conduct a full analysis as this will make it easier to investigate. Once you know the source of the problem you can use dynamic balancing to resolve it and get mechanical parts back to functioning as accurately as possible.

We specialise in working with high speed sports and racing cars. We have a huge amount of experience and have worked with some of the most notable teams in the world from a variety of disciplines and classes including F1, Indycar and karting. When it comes to high speed vehicles we understand the importance of safety and reliability and can offer the balancing services that will help to improve both.

Our analysis and dynamic balancing services can be completed quickly if you have a tight timescale to work with. All services are provided by experienced professionals with a passion for motor vehicles so you can rely on us to offer the best service possible.