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Balancing to improve accuracy

When manufacturing in bulk, accuracy is very important because even a small inconsistency can cause big problems. Machines all need to be set properly and must be functioning accurately to ensure each product is made to the right dimensions. As part of this, each piece of rotary equipment needs to be inspected and balanced when necessary. This will ensure it rotates properly and produces accurate products.

Dynamic balancing should be an important part of the maintenance of your machinery because it will protect accuracy and reduce wear on parts. With rotating equipment there is always a slight vibration because it is very difficult to get parts properly balanced to the true centre of mass. In most cases the vibrations don’t cause problems, but when they get beyond a certain point they will cause components to grind together, resulting in wear and inaccuracy. This means you’ll need to replace parts more frequently and results in more downtime for the device.

Machinery used to make products in bulk needs to be checked frequently and balanced whenever there is a problem. The frequency of usage means that there is higher potential for issues to develop. Your maintenance needs to reflect this risk and ensure equipment is properly inspected.

Dynamic balancing is the process of getting rotary parts as close to the centre of mass as possible. There are several ways to do this, including adding or removing weight or machining components. The process takes a great deal of care and weights need to be added or removed slowly to ensure the balance is accurate.

If you are worried about the balance of any type of rotary machinery, whether it is a machine for manufacturing or a vehicle it is best to get professional advice. Working on machinery takes experience and you need to be careful not to inadvertently damage the equipment in the process. The best option is to have a specialist do the job for you. We are a leading expert in the field and work with clients all around the world. When you need help we are the perfect provider for you.

Improving safety in motor racing

Motor racing is undoubtedly a thrilling sport. It requires an immense amount of skill from drivers and teams of engineers to ensure the vehicles offer optimum performance. When vehicular issues occur, it can have substantial effects on the outcome of a race and also present potential danger to the drivers. Vehicles are complex systems, and they require skilled maintenance throughout races. However, one essential aspect of vehicular safety before the cars even venture onto the track is wheel alignment.

Cars are vulnerable to the effects of wheel vibration. When vibration occurs, it can dramatically affect tyre performance and reduce lifespan. There are many signs that indicate a need for wheel alignment, including failure of the steering wheel to return after turning along with remaining at an angle when driving the car in a straight line. Vibration can also have a negative impact on the car’s suspension in the long term. When steering becomes affected, it is crucial to rectify the imbalance as soon as possible.

Incorrect wheel alignment can also be determined by the condition of tyres. The inner or outer layer will appear feathered and worn, indicating that the alignment has been disturbed. If tyres are permitted to deteriorate, they become unsafe, and you will also have the expense of frequent replacement. By implementing timely and efficient balancing you can avoid unnecessary costs and risk. The value of maintaining the condition of motor racing cars can never be exaggerated, and we offer dynamic balancing to help you achieve this.

We are renowned throughout the industry and we work extensively with various areas of the motorsports sector. We strive to help all our clients with the reduction of vibration and unwanted noise in their vehicles and machinery. Our priorities are always the improvement of each vehicle and the enhancement of safety, accuracy and reliability. We set high standards for ourselves and we commit ourselves to offering cost-efficient services with no compromise on quality. Our dynamic balancing services are regularly used by a varied range of industries and clients, so call our team and discover how you can benefit from our full range of services.

Getting the right balance for rotors

Rotors are used in a wide number of different devices, including industrial machinery and vehicles. They are designed to be properly balanced and revolve around a perfect mass centre axis, but this can be difficult to achieve. There are several reasons why this is so including the number and location of bolts, the fitting or parts and bearings. As a result the rotor will revolve around a different centre of mass and produce vibrations. These can then cause wear to bearings and casings, reducing the lifespan of the part. The vibrations and wear will also create noise.

To understand how to improve balancing and reduce vibrations, you need to know the two different types of rotor and three types of unbalancing. Rotors are either rigid or flexible. The first type is designed to be sturdy and not change at various rotational speeds. The second are more versatile meaning the centre mass of the part will change at speeds.

The three types of unbalance are static, couple and dynamic. Static means that the mass axis is only displaced in one place, parallel to the shaft axis. Couple unbalancing occurs when the mass and running axes intersect. The final type of unbalance is the most complex because it is a combination of the first two types. It occurs when the mass and rotational axes don’t coincide.

Rotors need to be properly balanced to dampen vibrations and improve their longevity. This process is called dynamic balancing and is done by adding or removing weight to different sides of the part to bring perfect mass and operating centres closer together. Static balancing is done by adding weight to one plane. The other two types of unbalance need to be fixed in two planes.

Rigid rotors are the easiest to balance because they don’t change. All you need to do is rotate the part slowly to produce a centrifugal force and reveal the extent of the problem. You can then add or remove weight to correct it. Flexible rotors are a little trickier to work with. You’ll need to work in stages, starting off with a slow rotation and a balance before gradually increasing the speed and balancing again whenever necessary.

Dynamic balancing takes care and precision to get right, particularly when working with high speed components. It is best to call on an experienced professional to do the job for you, especially if the component is going to need adapting. The last thing you want to do is try adding or removing weight yourself because you could make the device more dangerous. we specialise in dynamic balancing and can provide all the assistance you need – just get in touch to find out more.

Misalignment causes higher levels of wear

Dynamic balancing is used to resolve alignment issues in machinery and get rid of excessive vibrations that will reduce the lifespan of the equipment. The process can be complex depending on the context, but it is important to balance machines if you want to maintain accuracy and keep wear within acceptable parameters. The first thing to do is examine each device individually to determine the cause of the misalignment and the degree of the issue. You can then set about resolving the problem by adding or removing weight as required.

Misaligned devices are usually easy to find because they will make a lot more noise than usual as parts grind together. Alongside the sound you may also find that equipment is starting to get hot much quicker because of the friction caused as a result. With machines used for manufacturing you may notice a drop in the accuracy of products as a result of the misalignment and vibrations.

Machinery thought to be poorly balanced should be turned down while it is diagnosed to find the source of the problem and correct it. This will result in downtime but it is more important that you do so to avoid putting the device and the safety of users at risk. The length of time you are without the machinery while it is tested and aligned will be much less than what you’d experience by having to have it repaired when it breaks. The cost will also be lower because you will save on parts.

All types of machinery can be balanced whether it is large scale lathes or sports cars. We work with clients from a variety of sectors based all around the world, offering a full range of analysis and dynamic balancing services. If you’re worried about the condition and safety of mechanical equipment you can call on us any time for help and support. With over 25 years of experience, we are a company you can rely on. We look very carefully at every mechanical item we are asked to examines to make sure it is safe to use and as close to perfectly balanced as possible.

Vehicle balancing is important for safety and performance

Moving mechanical parts naturally vibrate slightly as a result of the motion. Over time the vibrations will cause wear, and you’ll be faced with needing to replace components. If parts become misaligned the vibrating can get much worse and cause excessive noise, heat and wear. This means you’ll be faced with more downtime for equipment as parts will need to be changed more frequently. You may also reduce the long term life of the device in question if you leave the vibrations untreated.

With vehicles you need to be even more careful when managing the alignment of mechanical parts and the amount they vibrate. This is even more important with sports cars that can travel at very high speeds because the vibration will increase as the vehicle travels faster. With time it increases the risk of mechanical failures which in turn boosts the potential for a serious accident.

Detecting excessive vibrations, finding the cause of the fault and resolving it can be difficult with vehicles because there are a number of moving parts. To diagnose the vehicle effectively you will probably need to conduct a full analysis as this will make it easier to investigate. Once you know the source of the problem you can use dynamic balancing to resolve it and get mechanical parts back to functioning as accurately as possible.

We specialise in working with high speed sports and racing cars. We have a huge amount of experience and have worked with some of the most notable teams in the world from a variety of disciplines and classes including F1, Indycar and karting. When it comes to high speed vehicles we understand the importance of safety and reliability and can offer the balancing services that will help to improve both.

Our analysis and dynamic balancing services can be completed quickly if you have a tight timescale to work with. All services are provided by experienced professionals with a passion for motor vehicles so you can rely on us to offer the best service possible.

Motorsports and wheel alignment

There is no room for error when it comes to motorsports vehicles. One small issue with a vehicle could be the difference between winning and losing. Because of this, it is important to keep the vehicles in their best shape, not only so they continue performing at their best but also for health and safety reasons and to reduce the risk of accidents. During pit stops, you often see vehicles have their tyres changed or petrol refilled. However, one thing that is very important to ensure that is done prior to the pit stop is vehicle alignment or tyre balancing.

A main thing that can affect a car’s performance and safety is vibrations from the wheels. Not only do they contribute to reducing the life of the tyres, but vibrations can also cause further problems down the line with the vehicle’s suspension. A larger effort is also needed to steer a vehicle that isn’t balanced as they tend to veer to one side, meaning the driver will have to constantly adjust it whilst in motion.

Over time, the vibrations can have a negative effect on your tyres, quickly wearing them down. This means that you’ll need to replace them far more often than you should which is very costly – more so than simply having the tyres correctly balanced. It is vital to act when you notice your vehicle steering to one particular direction as continued use could be detrimental.

We specialise in dynamic balancing and are completely dedicated to helping our customers minimise vibration and noise levels in their vehicles, helping to improve their reliability, safety, quality and performance. Our range of affordable and essential services can help you to extend the service life of your machinery or vehicle. Throughout the years we have worked with a variety of clients from a number of different industries including oil and gas, waste management and manufacturing, to name just a few. Find out more about how we can help you by giving our team a call.

Reducing damage to your machinery

Every single item of machinery that is used on a regular basis will at some point incur performance problems due to wear and tear. The vibration that affects machinery is unavoidable and if we could permanently eradicate its presence we would. This is of course impossible, but we can do the next best thing which is combat vibration when it occurs.

The maintenance of your machinery is imperative if you wish to optimise performance levels. If left unresolved vibration can negatively impact the way equipment and vehicles function. When machines begin to perform insufficiently the inevitable results are balancing issues and diminished efficiency. Naturally the next steps in the process are repairs, replacements and unwanted expense.

We offer a professional and skilled dynamic balancing service that helps our clients maintain their machinery and avoid loss of production and astronomical repair costs. When your equipment begins to display problems it is important to act fast as failure to swiftly deal with the issues can eventually present a danger to your employees. Our dynamic balancing is effective, efficient and is guaranteed to deal with the imbalance, successfully reduce the noise and prevent any negative impact to your machinery.

We are independent consultants and we have structured our services to meet the demands of industry. We can successfully complete every task and from small components to large scale requirements we are fully equipped to meet every need. Over time we have grown into a respected company and our name is now synonymous with a superlative service that is cost-effective and comprehensive. We are the first port of call for our extensive client base and we maintain a determination to reduce and competently manage vibration in machinery.

We are also a trusted name amongst the motor sports sector. Vehicles possess an inherent vulnerability to vibration and racing cars need to be kept in optimal condition to ensure maximum performance and safety for the drivers. We provide a tailored service to reduce vehicular vibration and we regularly assist a whole host of mediums including F1.

Dynamic balancing of rotating machinery is essential and we provide full support to our customers along with reliability and safety. We regularly assist many industries such as manufacturing, maintenance and oil and gas. We are happy to answer all enquiries and help you obtain high quality work and longevity from your machinery.

What is the purpose of vibration analysis?

Vibration analysis is used to detect the early signs of machine failure, allowing the equipment to be repaired and maintained before a more expensive failure occurs further down the line. All equipment that rotates will vibrate to some degree. As time goes on, components and bearings can wear down due to the vibration, and begin to approach the end of their product life. When this happens, they start to vibrate more dramatically which may lead to a breakdown. If you regularly analyse your equipment and check for signs of damage before it’s too late, you could potentially save yourself thousands of pounds.

A lot of different machines are at risk of damage from long-term vibrations, including generators, compressors, fans, high speed tooling machines and electric motors, to name a few. It is especially important to regularly test vehicles, as any failure could result in potentially dangerous or even fatal accidents.

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in dynamic balancing and vibration analysis. Established in 1998, we have nearly two decades of experience within the industry. When testing your equipment, you need to know that the work is being carried out by experienced professionals who make use of the very latest and most effective technology. Our affordable analysis and dynamic balancing services will save you money by preserving the health and lifespan of your equipment.

We regularly provide vibration analysis and dynamic balancing to a range of different industries, including the motor sport industry, manufacturing, and the waste management sector, which shows just how widespread a problem vibration can be. If you use equipment in your business which could be at risk of vibration damage, you can benefit from our cost effective services. If you would like to know more about our vibration analysis service or any of our other offerings, please get in touch.

Speciality balancing services to all industrial sectors

Your machinery needs to be in peak condition in order to perform well. All machinery that is frequently used is subject to wear and tear. Moving parts in particular can become misaligned and when this happens you run the risk of insufficient performance and damaged equipment. In order to avoid substantial repair costs and consistently produce precise results, it is advisable to ensure your machinery is balanced.

Dynamic balancing involves reducing vibration from equipment by removing certain amounts of weight. All machinery can be successfully balanced to improve performance and restore efficiency levels. The process of balancing simply distributes the weight evenly which enables the machinery to function as it should. It is important to remember that prior to balancing, all equipment needs to be assessed to locate the exact cause of the issues. Careful analysis will highlight the problem and the most suitable course of action. There can be a fault present that simply requires fixing, but if there is a problem with weight distribution then your machinery will require dynamic balancing.

There is no way to avoid vibration in machinery but it can be controlled. If problems are not tackled there can be a negative impact on accuracy along with the wearing away of materials and more importantly a compromise on safety. Furthermore, the noise caused by the vibration will gradually increase and contribute to a difficult working environment.

We regularly serve a vast array of clients with our professional vibration analysis and dynamic balancing. We are a trusted name when it comes to the management and reduction of machinery vibration. From the smallest components to large scale problems, we have a long history of solving an extensive list of issues. It is our role to deliver the specialised support our clients need in order to prolong the life of their machinery as well as ensure delivery of the most accurate results.

We also provide our services to the motor trade. Vehicles are vulnerable to the detrimental effects of vibration and we provide a bespoke service that maximises vehicular performance in a variety of disciplines. Our customers regularly rely on our consultancy skills and practical capabilities.

Providing solutions for all vibration issues

When vibration is present in machinery and vehicles, it wastes energy and creates undesirable noise. Vibration and sound are related, so the attempt to reduce noise often results in difficulty reducing vibration. Excessive vibrations can over time cause damage to machinery which inevitably leads to expensive repairs and replacements.

Unresolved issues can result in poor performance and a negative impact on accuracy. Additionally, this leads to compromised levels of safety within the workplace and an undesirable professional environment due to the escalating noise. We offer effective management of vibration by balancing your machinery and equipment, ensuring that it can run as quietly and efficiently as possible free from the wear and tear caused by vibration.

The vibration analysis and dynamic balancing we offer is designed to reduce noise and increase the safety, dependability and performance of your vehicles and machinery. There is a wide range of machinery that possesses vulnerability to long term vibration damage such as electric motors, fans, generators, high speed tooling machines, and many more. When any unit begins to experience vibration it is prudent to act immediately in order to avoid any adverse effects, and it is our role to minimise your machinery and vehicle vibration.

Our position at the forefront of the dynamic balancing sector is down to the fact that we deliver consistently outstanding results. We can undertake any task of any size, and our experience has ensured we have seen every possible problem. We also have substantial experience within the motor sports industry, as vibration presents a huge risk to the performance of vehicles. We deliver a bespoke dynamic balancing service to the sector that aims to diminish vibration, ensure optimal vehicular performance and avoid accidents.

If your machinery is vibrating or operating noisily, make sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible. The presence of both highlights present condition and serves as a warning sign. For over a quarter of a century we have been responding to these signs and delivering every solution to a varied range of industries. Entrust your equipment and vehicle vibration to us as we strive to deliver the finest dynamic balancing available.